ZShack Stage 2 Built Short Block

ZShack Stage 2 Built Short Block

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The Stage 2 block is the same as Stage 1 but adds Scat rods. This will come with a full 1 year warranty for machining defects.  Unlike engines built elsewhere, we build all of our short blocks in house.  Shipping will be via truck freight, please contact us for a quote.  We can include ARP 8740 or 2000 main studs to this just contact us

*King Racing main and rod bearings clearanced to build spec

*Scat rods with ARP hardware

*Wiseco 8.5:1 pistons(higher comp pistons can be used as well, contact for price)

*New brass freeze plugs installed

*Piston rings clearanced to build spec

*Block inspected and hot tanked

*Block decked

*Block bored and honed using a torque plate

*Drilled and tapped crankshaft to clean out oil passages. Crankshaft counterweight and bolts welded

*Crankshaft micro-polished

*Coolant passage ported along entire block, not just around the back cylinders

*NA oil squirters installed to clearance Wiseco pistons

*Pistons and rods pin fitted

*Short block fully assembled and ready to go


Core charge for a short block is $750 and will be refunded when customer block is received by us.  It must include at the very least a good used block, girdle, and crankshaft