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We are your one stop shop for maintenance, performance, suspension, or visual upgrades.


Oil change using Royal Purple HPS and Wix/Oem filter-$162.39

Drain and fill both transmission and differential with Redline fluids-$248.85

Flush and fill brake lines-Starting at $200

A/C service-$99.99 plus Freon (we can perform r-134a conversions)


                                                  Ecu Prices

We have tuned just about any setup imaginable and have a shelf tune we can mail out.

Socketing(8 bit ecu only)- $100 

shelf tune chip- $100 

                                              Tuning Prices

Street tune (pump gas or E85)- $450

dyno tune- $1200

Dual map dyno tune (Nistune)  $1500

Haltech single or dual map  $2000

Car must be in perfect working order if any work is done while tuning it will be billed out at normal shop rate.


120k-  This is the most important service that needs to be kept up on any 300ZX.  We cant stress enough that if the age of the timing belt/components is unknown or out of spec that this service must be done or risk to the entire motor can be excessive.  we use only OEM parts and are also very reasonable with our prices.  we do these weekly and can assure 100% satisfaction. 

Our 120k kit includes timing belt, tensioner, camshaft and crankshaft seals, vtc O-rings and springs, water pump, thermostat, coolant bypass hoses, timing belt sprocket, idler pulleys, and accessory belts.