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Nistune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans which provides the ability to:

• Retune factory Nissan Engine Control Units (ECU)
• Monitor gauges and map tracing on your ECU
• Data log from your ECU using consult, wideband and auxiliary inputs
• Perform playback using graphs, gauges and map tracing

• Real time tuning, map tracing, logging and playback
• Full Log Recording for all Nistune ECUs
• Wideband can also be recorded inline with consult data and played back.
• Map and table copy feature
• Completely editable multi window grid map/table views
• Resize injectors and change AFM capabilities
• AFR and auxillary input trace against RPM and load
• Consult display capabilities with real time diagnostic information in separate windows
• Dual channel Wide Band support
• Edit five ROM images simultaneously, with comparison capabilities
• Intelligent display tables decoded for easy modification
• Hardware and software installation guides, videos and manuals provided on Nistune's website

 Feature pack additions

Launch control 
Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either speed or clutch switch input 

Total injection multiplier 
Removes the need for rescaling load in the ECU to make tuning quicker and easier. Tune within factory load scales which resolves issues such as ECU holding onto closed loop when previously rescaling load ranges

Flex fuel support 
Adding full functionality flex fuel and timing maps, flex fuel and timing content trims, and temperature enrichment trim tables). You will need to purchase a seperate Innovate brand Ethanol content gauge to use flex fuel. We offer 3 choices of gauges. You can purchase them by clicking on the links below. Your ECU will need to be sent in to us to be modified to accept the input from your content sensor. Please choose the Flex Fuel install option when adding this item to your cart. Once item is paid for, ship your ECU to us for installation. We will ship it back when it is done.

Minimum MAF voltage 
Some Nissan ECUs contain a minimum MAF voltage which is hard coded. Nistune now provides a parameter for these models to lower the MAF voltage when using aftermarket MAFs

Enhanced tuning simplicity
Remove warm and cold start enrichment tables (only a single enrichment table is now used. Remove knock maps 
(for fuel, timing etc) 

What does this mean for a vehicle owner?

You can fit a real-time daughter board to your factory ECU and turn it into a fully remappable ECU, which makes it tune able similar to aftermarket systems for a fraction of the price. This allows you to fit larger injectors, larger Mass Airflow Meters and get your ECU tuned for these and fuel and ignition changes. You can either tune it yourself or have it professionally tuned by ZShack.

***This board is loaded with the original version of Nistune. It doe not include Featur Pack software. If you want flex fuel capabilities and lauch control, then you need the feature pack version of this board. Please see our other listing for this board***

 You can purchase this board by itself, or with a consult cable and/or license. If you plan to tune this yourself, then you will need a cable and license to use the software. If you plan to bring the car to us or to have another authorized tuner tune your car, then you do not need the license and cable. Your tuner will have a tuners license and their own cable to tune this for you. But if you ever want to check your sensors or make some changes yourself, you will need the cable and license.
This board installs into your factory ECU and offers real time tuning, similar to standalone ECU's. Your ECU must be the 8 bit Ecu found in 1990-1993 non turbo Z32's and 1990-1994 twin turbo Z32's. Your ECU must be socketed to use this board. Socketing is when the stock Nissan chip is removed and a socket is installed in it's place. This allows for different chips to be changed out without the need to solder them in everytime. You will also need to solder in a 4 wire power supply plug to power the Nistune board. If you need your ECU socketed, we offer this service. Please select "socket my ECU and install" under the options above.
If your ECU is already socketed, then we offer installation into your ECU if needed. For socketing and installation, you will need to send your ECU to us for the work. We will ship it back to you when done. 
Contact us with any questions.