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Brent Thomas's 644hp beast

Brent Thomas shipped his beautiful lady to ZShack for some of what ZShack does best, Making power with the VG.
We started with some basic maintenance repairs, a/c service, installed some larger injectors, installed a full Nistune feature pack flex fuel ECU system, larger fuel pump a new radiator among some other items.
We then checked the entire car over to make sure she was ready for the Dyno.
Brent's car Is one clean and classy lady with no expense spared. All quality parts on this car. 
Next was time on our Dyno for some much needed tuning magic performed by Scott Taylor.

Scott tuned the car on 91 octane using our state of the art plex knock detection equipment to extract the most power he could safely on pump gas. The car made 460whp on 93 octane.
We then switched to E85 where he built a custom ethanol content overlay map to adjust the AFR's as well as add more timing that E85 loves so much!

The car made 645.3hp and 643.2 foot pounds of torque!
While the turbos struggled to hold boost at 30+ psi, they still managed to lay down some nice power. That's a lot of power from such small turbos! It may even be a new power record for Gt525 journal bearing turbos! Not sure if there is a running record for these small turbos or not!
Here is his Dyno chart...……

The lower purple graph is his boost level. 


This car was a long build with lots of frustration for Brent. But his perseverance paid off for him! Even after being told by another professional engine builder that his engine oil clearances were way too loose and that the engine would blow up very fast, we had to explain to Brent that some z shops that claim to know it all really do not and that it shows when they make foolish comments in forums like this. We educated Brent on how oil clearance of bearings work and that his engine would be just fine. He was much more confident after this. At ZShack, we not only perform the best work on these cars, we also take great pride in educating our customers about anything they are curious about knowing. Knowledge is power and confidence!

After Brent flew in to pick up his Z, he met with many of the local Project  Z32 Houston members that gathered to meet him and cruise with him after having some dinner together at the local B dubs!
The next day he began his long journey home from Houston to San Diego California. The car drove through severe heat during some of the hottest days of the year, through the deserts and the mountains and performed flawlessly during the 1400 mile trip. He left on E85, ran most of the way on 91/93 octane until he got home, where he filled her back up with E85 and has been enjoying his beautiful lady ever since!
From all of us here at ZShack, we would like to say thank you to Brent and his wife for allowing us the pleasure of working on their beloved Z! We wish them many happy wins in the future!

Here is Brent's build list:
1990 300zx twin turbo 5mt

Engine and induction:

Wiseco pistons .020 over
Scat rods with ARP pins
ARP main studs
Coolant passages deburred
40P heads with 5 angle valve job
MSP manifolds w/ ceramic coating
Z1 GT525 turbo kit
AUS 1000cc injectors
BDE intake cam gears
Dual 350Z shorty pop filters/ Selin Mafs
Ash Massive intercoolers
AshspecZ 2.5" intercooler piping
AshspecZ 2.5" planar intake piping
UR stock size lightweight crank pulley
BDE LW alternator bracket

Nistune feature pack ECU with innovate flex fuel sensor and gauge custom tuned by Scott Taylor at ZShack performance!

Z1 LW flywheel
Z1 sport clutch
Z1 short throw shifter
Z33 shift fork upgrade
Zspeed solid shifter mount and bracket
Metzler 1 piece clutch line
Inland empire 1 pc driveshaft

SZ 3" downpipes
Tapered and resonated test pipes
Z1 X pipe
SZ 2.5" quad dual cat back

Z1 motorsports 13 row oil cooler
Koyo Radiator
CZP radiator hardpipe

Suspension, chassis and brakes:
Z1 subframe collars
CZP trans tunnel brace
Tein street advance coilovers
SPC rucas
SPC tension rods
SPC traction rods
Z1 full hicas delete
Nismo rear lower control arm bushings
ES rear knuckle bushings
ES sway bar bushings
ES sway bar end links
13"'front brake upgrade
Stop tech slotted rear rotors
Z1 brake master cylinder brace
Posi quiet ceramic pads

Dress up:


Z32 tech white LED cluster and pods
Z1 black cluster rings
Nismo shift knob
Red stitch steering wheel
93+ door panels with arm rests

Engine bay

Zspec engine bay bolt kit
Zspec throttle spring covers
Zspec acorn shock nuts
Zspec wire covers
Zspec coil brackets
Zspec PTU cover
Zspec throttle clip
Custom gunmetal powdercoated plenum
Zspec plenum bolts x3
Zspec oil dipstick

Powertrix carbon fiber fog ducts
JDM tail lights

OEM 120k kit
New OEM oil pump
New OEM engine mounts
New OEM trans mount
All new OEM gaskets bottom up.
New OEM coolant water pipes
New accessory belts
New OEM EFI harness
WS alt-trans harness
New OEM knock sensor
WS knock sensor harness
New NA PS pump
New Moog Outer tie rods
New gates E85 safe fuel lines
OEM fuel hose spring clamps
Rebuilt OEM PS rack
Centric brake master cylinder
Centric clutch slave cylinder
New trans pilot bearing
Turn signal harness
Silicone brake booster hose
Silicone oil cooler lines
Silicone IACV hoses
Silicone radiator hoses
Silicone PS J hose
Silicone PS return hose
OEM rear wheel bearings
HICAS ball joints
SPD rear inner tie rods
SPD HICAS ball joints
OEM fuse box cover
OEM brake booster
BDE half moons
New TT starter
DEI heat wrap of vacuum lines

Shock tower covers $60
Interior innovations alcantra interior
Interior innovations arm rests $100
T-top shade knobs
Rear dynamat
Door molding
Interior door handles $66
T-top bar $113
Windshield molding $128
OEM antenna mast $44
OEM style spoiler
Shifter and e brake boot
Z1 floor mats and rear carpet
Twinz front bumper and lip
Twinz nose panel
Twinz side skirts and lips
Twinz rear bumper
TwinZ type 3 spoiler

Adjustable FPR
Gates submersible fuel hose
E85 tune with SZ

Powertrix tension rods $100
Front fender braces $320
Front ball joints $80
Front end links $100
Carbing strut bars $500