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OEM Nissan 120k timing kit

OEM Nissan 120k timing kit

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At ZShack, we only recommend using authentic OEM parts supplied directly from the Nissan warehouse. On parts as important as these are to the survival of your engine, only the best should be considered. We have priced this kit as low as we can so we can offer it to you at the best possible price.
Our 120k kit includes the following:
  • Timing belt
  • Tensioner
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat
  • 2 coolant bypass hoses
  • 2 VTC springs
  • 2 VTC o rings
  • Upper idler pulley
  • Lower idler pulley
  • Crank timing cog
  • 4 Camshaft seals
  • 1 crankshaft seal
  • 1 alternator/water pump belt
  • 1 power steering belt
  • 1 a/c belt

Some other items that you may want to purchase that are not part of this kit are:

New front and rear crank timing cog washers, 2 new woodruff keys and idler studs, washers and nuts.