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AEM Infinity-8 Stand-Alone Programmable EMS w/ Advanced Tuning Package 30-7101

AEM Infinity-8 Stand-Alone Programmable EMS w/ Advanced Tuning Package 30-7101

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The Infinity EMS delivers high-end engine control for the racing masses at a fraction of the cost. Combined with AEM's industry leading after-purchase support system, including free technical support, the Infinity is the ultimate engine control solution for both professional race teams and weekend track cars.

Infinity is compatible with most factory and performance aftermarket sensors.An ECU Setup Wizard takes complex calibration setup work and simplifies it through a smart interface that features tabs for quick set up of vital engine functions. Each tab includes a description of the function. High resolution 3D graphics enhances the tuning experience.A powerful input simulator feature allows the user to simulate operating conditions. This allows users to validate tuning changes before running the engine.Tune and log using IP-67 rated weatherproof connection cables (weatherproof PC cable sold separately).

Infinity's airflow model based systems greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up and tune an engine by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (correction tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs. The Infinity's airflow based, or volumetric efficiency (VE) based models calculate an engine's requirements in real time based on an advanced algorithm that has various modes for calculating air flow.

ADVANCED TUNING PACKAGE (Available at no additional charge for a limited time!):

Advanced Tuning Functions:
No-lift shift
4-wheel speed traction control
3-step launch control
Drive by wire
4-stage nitrous control (coming soon)

Advanced Tuning Hardware Outputs:
1 high side driver (coming soon)
2 H-bridge channels

Advanced Tuning Inputs:
2 analog voltage inputs (4 additional coming soon)
2 VR/Mag differential pair inputs
1 digital/frequency input (coming soon)
3 analog temp inputs (coming soon)
4-stage nitrous control (coming soon)